Carmel Cafe & Wine Bar

WHERE: 3601 W. Swann Ave.

WHAT: A modern movement for good food and good times. Carmel’s menu of Mod Med (modern Mediterranean) is a perfect match of classic elements made in an innovated way (like chicpea fries and seafood gyros). And Carmel’s vibrant decor designed around group gatherings and revolutionary ordering system make it a taste of what we are sure to see coming from the restaurant world – iPad menus that show images and appropriate wine pairings for all menu items. Guests can also use Carmel’s iPad menus to search for wines, find food to match and place their orders.

WHY: Because you don’t have to limit yourself to one or two glasses of wine. Carmel offers wine servings in sizes of 3, 6 and 9 ounce glasses. So you can sample selections of their deep and varied wine collection without compromise.

WHO (To Take With You): Someone you haven’t seen in awhile. Carmel is the perfect place to bring a friend or group of family members (or any combination of both) to have a meal and catch up. Thanks to an interactive menu and great selection of sharing plates, Carmel makes it easy to sit, eat and reconnect without much interruption.

WHEN: Every Sunday and Monday from 5-9 pm. Every week, Carmel offers a crazy good special prix fixe Dinner for Two menu. For $24.95, the meal includes a first course choice of one starter to share, second course choice of salad for each guest, third course choice of two small plates and fourth course choice of one dessert to share. The menu will include seasonal favorite selections from Carmel’s menu so it makes it hard not to go on both Sunday and Monday.

HOW:  p. 813-964-6889 | | Facebook 

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