Guide to Tampa’s SoHo District


First off, SoHo= (South – uth) + (Howard – ward). In other words,SoHogets its name from the street South Howard. WhileSoHomay be named after one street it is quickly growing into one ofSouth Tampa’s hottest neighborhoods for Twentysomethings. Practically the entire length of the street, which runs fromKennedy Blvd.all the way down to Bayshore, is littered with vibrant night life, varied cuisine and attractive Twentysomethings.

SoHo Restaurant Guide

The Green Lemon (Formerly The Lime) – Serving a complimentary combo of big screen tvs and Latin-influenced bar foods, rice bowls, salads and tortilla wraps.

Ceviche – Any restaurant with over 60 menu items is good in my book. Especially when every single tapas plate is delicious.

Daily Eats – SoHo’s only diner-style grub perfect for a beer-soaked belly morning breakfast or brunch.

The Lodge – (Dinning) The Lodge is like an upscale family hunting cabin serving classic, comfort foods like tv-dinner style plates and tator tots.

Koto – With a Koto hibachi-style dinner, a meal becomes 3 courses in great food and entertainment. (Because who doesn’t like to watch a chef catch an egg on his head?)

Cheap – Serving trendy burgers, pizzas, wings and sushi dressed so well you’ll think they were getting ready to head to the club.

717 South – Everything about this chic spot feels, tastes and screams uber expensive, but it’s not. It’s affordable high-end.

Mangroves – (Dinning) Serving sexy, stylish seafood  in a swanky atmosphere.

Bellas Italian Cafe – Traditional Italian with a modern and classy backdrop.

Royal Palace Thai – Far more than just traditional Thai food, this restaurant offers the best tastes that Asia has to offer in small plates, rice bowls, and noodle bowls.

Bern’s Steakhouse – Hands down, one the best steakhouses in the entire United States.

SoHo Bar & Nightlife Guide

MacDinton’s – The solid backbone to SoHo’s success. This is the Irish Pub that either starts or ends a good night on Howard.

The SoHo Tavern – Bigger isn’t always better. What The SoHo Tavern lacks in size it makes up for in friendly patrons and attitude.

Yard of Ale – Where you can drink your drafts by the yard or choose a bottle from a selection of over 75 craft and imported brews.

The Dubliner – Where classic bar element swell together in a perfect harmony of craft beer, live music and twinkling deck lights.

The Lodge – (Nightlife) The Lodge is like an upscale family hunting cabin where you party when your parents are out of town.

World of Beer – Consider yourself a beer connoisseur? Test yourself with over 500 beers from around the globe.

Mangroves – (Nightlife) It is impossible not to feel like a very important person inside this posh night club that oozes exclusivity.

Drynk – Lounge with a big-city vibe and trendy dance party inside.

Tiny Tap  Tavern – It’s only one block from the posh SoHodistrict but exists a world away. This neighborhood, dive bar is come as you are and prepared to drink Natural Light from a pitcher. Facebook Fan Page

SoHo Shops and Cafes

Mosh Posh Designer Cosigner of South Tampa – Consignment boutique featuring desirable fashions from high-end designers at a price you can afford.

Inkwood Books – Locally-owned and independent bookstore with a selection of popular bestsellers and obscure, rare titles.